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Santa Train Rides

Polar Express


 In New York State


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Located in Arcade New York. Arcade & Attica Railroad Offers Steam Engine & Diesel Engine Train Rides  From May Through October.

>Easter Train Rides

>Teddy Bear & Animal Adventure

>Steam Engine Train Rides

>Summer Train Rides

>Haunted Train Rides

>Kids Weekend Train Rides

>North Pole Express Train Rides

Friday Dec. 21st is the only date available-All other dates are Sold Out!

Located in Medina New York. Medina Railroad Features the largest collection of toy and minature trains displays in the world. Medina Railroad offers Deisel Engine Tourist Train Excursions.

>Easter Train Rides

>Thomas The Tank Engine

>Dinner Theatre Train Rides

>Summer Train Rides

>Haunted Train Rides

>Spring Lake Winery 

>Polar Express Train Rides

>Santa & Reindeer Train Ride

Medina Railroad.png

Tickets Still Available!

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